Hot Product Sinusoidal Web

Introduction of Sinusoidal Web:
Sinusoidal Web is our hot product. This technology is from Europe. Sinusoidal Web is one kind of new H section whose web plate is sinusoidal shape, and is different with the common H section, whose web plate is flat.

Advantages of sinusoidal steel web:
1. We are the first one in China who import this product from Europe, and this product  is very popular in Europe.
We are the only one company who could fabricate this kindly of product now, and also the only company who could fabricate the sinusoidal steel web machine in China.
2. Sinusoidal steel web could widely replace traditional welded H steel, hot rolled H steel and I-beam.
3. Project (like workshop, warehouse etc) using sinusoidal steel web could save project total cost about 20%.
4. We attended national standard drafting for this product, and have used this new material to many projects which save steel from 20% to 60%. Two of these projects won the highest honour-China National Steel Structure Project Gold Award.
5. This product now is the recommended building materials by China's national ministry of construction.


Sinusoidal web forming machine Sinusoidal web robot cutting Sinusoidal web beam robot welding

Fabrication process of this product:


Sinusoidal web beam processing line