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In 2010, we are first in China to make corrugated web production line and attended the national standard drafting, use this new material to specific project which save steel 20% to 60%. Our corrugated web project was listed as the key construction projects of Shandong province.

Feature of our Corrugated Steel Web Product:

1. Fill in the vacancy in Chinese technology field.
2. Save steel weight clearly, could widely replace welded H steel and l-beam. With the similar moments of inertia, the weight for each meter of corrugated steel web is 30% to 40% less than that of hot rolled H steel and l-beam.
3. Fit for bigger construction span, could reach 210M, more suitable for large scale airport, railway station, viaduct bridge and viaduct.


Sinusoidal web beam processing line

Sinusoidal web forming machine Sinusoidal web robot cutting Sinusoidal web beam robot welding

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