Project Using Sinusoidal Web

Introduction of Sinusoidal Web:

Sinusoidal Web is our hot product, this product isfrom Europe, is one kind of new H section, compared with the common H section,its web plate is sinusoidal shape.While, the web plate of the common H section is flat.

Advantages of sinusoidal steel web:
1. We are first one in China who import this product from Europe, this is very popular in Europe. It means
We are the only one company who could fabricate this kindly of product now, we are also the only company who could fabricate by ourselves the machine producing sinusoidal steel web.
2. Sinusoidal steel web could widely replace tradional welded H steel, hot rolled H steel and I-beam.
3. Project (like workshop, warehouse etc) using sinusoidal steel web could save project total cost about 20%.
4. We attended national standard drafting fro this product, use this new material to many projects which save steel 20% to 60%. Two of these project won the highest honour-China National Steel Structure Project Gold Award.
5. This product now is the recommended building materials by China's national ministry of construction.

Fabrication process of this product:

sinusoidal web beam processing line

sinusoidal web forming machinesinusoidal web robot cuttingsinusoidal web beam robot welding

Project Using Sinusoidal Web

Shandong Huaxing Scientific Development Park Metal Logistics area 3 # workshop, 60000㎡ Anhui Likun Heavy Steel Structure
Engineer Co., Ltd.
Processing Workshop, 16000㎡
Hebei Taide Rebar Process Co.,Ltd. Processing workshop,26000㎡
Highway Bridge three-channel span 82.4/115/82.4m,road width:2mx14.7m Shandong Huaxing Machinery Co., Ltd. Service Restaurant,6000㎡ Shandong Plate Testing Center office building,7000㎡

Binzhou Head Crankshaft Co.,Ltd. Casting workshop phase 2

Airship hanger W:210m
L:360m H:107m
Hubei Hongyi Building Decoration Engineering Co.,Ltd.

Shandong Huaxing Steel Structure Co., Ltd 1# Workshop, 80000㎡